Explore Your Housing Options When Meeting with a Chicago Attorney

Understanding your rights as a tenant or a landlord is important so that each transaction can be completed correctly. You also need to know about your legal rights in the event that an eviction is looming or if any repairs need to be made to your home. The following are a few tips to consider when you’re looking for an attorney who understands these details.

When you’re trying to understand landlord and tenant laws in Chicago, you can talk to resources at your local courthouse or contact an attorney who handles property matters. There are also websites that you can look at to read reviews about the best attorneys in your area.

Talk in Person
After getting the contact information for a few different attorneys, you should make an appointment to meet with each one so that you can explain your situation and so that you can get a better idea for how the attorney might handle your case.

Prepare a list of questions before you go to the office. This will help you remember all of the details that you want to discuss in a short time. Talk about any government payments that are related to renting the home as well as any damages that need to be repaired whether they are because of a past tenant or they occur while you’re renting the home. When discussing landlord and tenant laws in Chicago, try to keep an open mind as some attorneys might be experienced in one type of housing over another, such as apartment complexes compared to single-unit homes.

Contact Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells if you have any questions about your housing situation.

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