DSP Digital Advertising: How You Can Use It to Extend Your Advertising Dollars

Have you heard of demand side platforms (DSPs)? Though you might think they are complicated, they are actually software platforms that allow clients to buy advertising automatically. Agencies like YouConnex use DSP digital advertising to help their clients boost their advertising campaigns and extend their advertising dollars.

The Importance of DSP Marketing and Advertising

Before the emergence of DSP digital advertising, companies could only buy or sell ads manually. This took a lot of manpower, and thus, raised the cost of advertising. Now, with DSPs, this process is streamlined, meaning it is more efficient and more affordable, which of course, is a big advantage to clients like you.

How Do DSPs Work?

Though DSP advertising can be a bit technical, the simple explanation of how it works would be by allowing an advertiser to buy impressions from several publisher sites. Thanks to DSP programmatic advertising, these ads are highly targeted to specific users.

Ad impressions are found in ad exchanges – which are like marketplaces – and the DSPs can automatically determine which of these impressions are right for the advertisers who want them. Though this sounds like it might take time, it actually happens almost instantly.

Companies like YouConnex are using DSPs to give their clients more options and to allow them to really get the most out of their money. Though these are similar to ad networks, they give advertisers much more of a range and they are much more targeted. DSPs also allow for purchasing and tracking ads from one place, which further helps with optimization.

As you can see, DSP digital advertising has many advantages, and it is fast overcoming traditional ad networks. This, of course, is thanks to its accuracy and cost-effectiveness. If you are looking for a new way of advertising, you should definitely consider DSPs.

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