Drain Cleaning in Texas City TX – Different Methods

Home maintenance is a big issue especially regarding clogged drains. Though there are thousands of professionals working fordrain cleaning in Texas City TX, but if the problem is not that big, you can do it at home. In some circumstances avoiding a drain cleaner is important because they mostly use highly toxic acids for this purpose. There are many drains which can be cleaned using things which are available at home. You can also find some cleaners which are bacteria based and can unclog the drain without harming anything. You should call the plumber only when you are not successful in doing this. Some of the methods which are practiced by lots of people at home include:

 Washing soda

 If you see that water is stuck and not reaching the drain, then you should try washing soda for this purpose. One cup is enough, and pour it into the drain and leave it for some time until you see the drain being unclogged, or become less in quantity. Later pour baking soda in it to remove it finally for better results. But keep one thing in mind, as do not use the washing soda in excess as it can harm PVC pipes due to its castic nature. Similarly, if a few days before you have used a commercial acid in the same drain, then avoid using washing soda, because both when combined can produce harmful effects to the environment.

 Baking soda

 Pouring baking soda can also clean the drain, and you should do it with one cup baking soda. After its being poured, then throw three cups of boiled water over it. The whole process will increase the chemical action of the soda, unclogging the drain. Sometimes you have to repeat this process for stubborn drains with clogs.


 When these two elements are used together they produce bubbles, resulting in a chemical action. This method can be used after baking soda and boiled water, by pouring one cup of vinegar over it. In case of hard drains, you can repeat the process.

 Drain cleaning in Texas City TX is also done by using enzyme based cleaners. Though baking and washing soda can do wonders but you cannot deny the benefits of enzyme based cleaners. All such cleaners available in the market are developed after certain laboratory test by the professionals. These cleaners not only clean the drain but also ill all the germs developed in the drain. This will also reduce the bad smell of the drain, making your home fresh.

 Similarly, there is also another common problem of hair being clogged in the drain, which accumulates while taking bath. The funniest thing is that it cannot be cleared using enzyme based cleaners. This should better be done using one cup of washing soda and lots of water. All these methods can be used for drain cleaning in Texas City TX, and you can get rid of a clogged drain easily. But do not forget to call a drain cleaner in case of serious problems.

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