Do I Really Need to Hire Plumbers in Weatherford, TX for a Clog?

by | Dec 18, 2013 | Uncategorized

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One of the questions that homeowners commonly ask about their plumbing system is whether or not they really need to hire plumbers to assist them with a clogged drain line. Luckily, the answer is no. Everyone gets an occasional clog in their drain line and there are many ways you can remove this clog yourself. Plungers, hot water and commercially sold drain clog removers can all help you. But, while you typically don’t need a plumber to assist you, there are a few times where you should consider hiring a plumber for clogs, such as Ace Repair Plumbing. Here are the reasons why you would want to hire a plumber.


You Know That the Clog is Caused By Something That Should Not Be in the Drain Line:


If you know that the clog is caused by something being in the drain line that should not be there, such as your child flushing a toy car down the toilet, you need to call a plumber. Many people think that they can run water through the line or flush the toilet over and over, and eventually, the item that shouldn’t be there will be gone. This only pushes the item deeper into your system, making it harder to get out.


The Clog Does Not Free, Despite Your Best Efforts to Remove it:


Occasionally, what acts like a clog in a drain line is not really a clog. For example, collapsed or pinched lines will have the same symptoms as clogs. If, despite your best efforts to free the clog, it just does not move, you need to call in Plumbers in Weatherford, TX to evaluate the system and determine what is going on.


The Clog Continuously Comes Back:


The last reason that you would need to call a plumber for a clog is because the clog continues to come back, despite you freeing it time and time again. This is a sign of a bigger problem, such as roots in the drain line or cracked pipe or an aging pipe. If the clog comes back more than once a month or three times in six months, it needs to be looked at by a professional.