Determining If You Need Braces In Lakeview

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Dentistry

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Most people want to have a healthy, beautiful smile which typically means white and even teeth. However, if you find that your teeth are slightly crooked or it seems that way to you, it may make you more self-conscious and you may find yourself wanting braces in Lakeview. However, just because your teeth are slightly crooked or not perfectly straight does not mean that these will give you any benefit.




Before deciding you want such a face-altering procedure, you may want to think about why they are used. Many celebrities are using them for cosmetic reasons to slightly alter the lips, mouth or teeth, though they aren’t necessary. Others have real medical reasons to consider the procedure, such as malocclusion (teeth that are crowded and crooked) or a bite misalignment that makes it difficult to chew or talk properly.


Live With Them


Adults that want to consider straightening their teeth will likely have the braces in their mouth for at least one year and up to two. After they are removed, you’ll need to wear a retainer for several more months, making this a very long-term commitment.


It is also important to note that adults sometimes have to wear them for longer periods to correct problems and because the bones in the face don’t grow anymore, some conditions cannot be fixed with their use.


Talk To Others


You may want to consider talking with other adults or children you know that have braces to determine what their experiences are. Many times, they wish they didn’t have them or wished they hadn’t considered the procedure. It may make you change your mind about your decision.




Typical metal options cost around $5,000, while special options, such as ceramic or clear options can be double the amount of metal ones. Because of the expense, it may be easier to consider alternative options, such as veneers. Also, many insurance plans do not cover them, so you may be out the full expense.


Talk With Your Dentist


Your dentist likely knows your teeth better than you and may have advice and alternative options you hadn’t considered or didn’t know about. Only after considering your reasons, talking with others and talking with your dentist should you make a final decision. This can help save aggravation, pain and money.