Custom Molding: Versatile, Precise And Affordable

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Injection Molding

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Injection molding requires various skills and training to ensure the product emerges according to specifications and high quality standards. Quality control, cleanliness and customer requirements are all part of the process. The selection of the machine and the options available make the process challenging and flexible. The equipment and methods also make it easy to undertake custom molding.

Why Customize Injection Molding?

If your company and/or its product require precision, no doubt it will choose injection molding. It is a method easily handles intricate and detailed component production. This is valid for high-volume product production. However, not all components or products can be run through a standard process. This requires customization. This work needs a custom mold.

By combining a custom mold with plastic injection molding, the fabricator an supply a short or long-run of a particularly intricate, delicate or unique component. This is the major reason behind creating a customized mold. The method an also provide a customer with a prototype item. The mold will allow the fabricator and the manufacturer to see how effective this part will be when produced.

Choosing Custom Injection Molding

A customized mold is a thing of beauty and versatility. By selecting custom injection molding as the preferred method, a company knows the fabricator can produce a part that matches its specifications precisely. For many fabricators, a customized mold, with maybe a slight adjustment, can also produce similar components for other similar industries. It can do so effectively, efficiently and even cost-effectively.

Contrary to popular belief, custom molding is not expensive. Instead, the process is cost-effective. After the initial design is cast, the mold is able to replicate time-and-time again. It is there for use no matter how many times a company requires a component. With such molds, perfect replication is the name of this long-term investment.

Versatility is another reason for choosing custom injection molding. Use of the mold is not usually restricted to a specific type of plastic material. This allows the fabricator and the manufacturer to change the type of plastics employed. It does not matter whether the customized mold initially was filled with nylon. Fabricators can change the material to meet the needs of the product and their customers. This includes plastics that may be:

 * Microbe Free
 * Fire-Resistant
 * Food-Grade
 * Chemical Resilient
 * Resistant to UV Rays

They may also possess insulating or heat or electrical conductive qualities.

Custom Molding

When it comes to exactitude, it is hard to beat plastic injection molding. However, not all standards mold fit all. When companies require a specific component, they have another choice. They turn to custom molding to provide them with a durable, long-term cost-effective method of component production.