Custom Built Homes Louisville

by | Dec 8, 2011 | Home And Garden

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Custom built homes in Louisville do not have to be just a dream. With careful planning and choosing a great builder you can have the home of your dream come to life.

There are many custom built homes in Louisville

For details of builders in Louisville contact the Home Builders Association of Louisville who will give you details of all the registered local house builders and how to begin a search for suppliers of custom built homes in Louisville. The home types vary from modest to extreme luxury and small to estate proportions. But they all have one thing in common, they are purpose built to satisfy the individual needs of purchasers. They are not uniform rabbit hutches.

Why choose a custom built home in Louisville?

Well why not? If the customer has the funds and the desire then let them have what they want personally designed for them. It could be that they special needs and require disabled access, it could be for a self contained independent dwelling for a relative, it could be the need for a quiet personal workspace or studio to work from home. The ranges of choice are great. That is why many customers select a custom built home in Louisville.

Who creates custom built homes in Louisville?

Certainly not the builder who specialises in off the shelf packages. Amongst the many skills needed to build custom built homes in Louisville, the building practice will need to provide both design and architectural talent and experience. In conjunction with the customer work will start from the foundations upwards. Whilst the customer will have some idea of style and external appearance, and should be fully clear in terms of the number of rooms required and there likely uses, the building has to be designed from scratch. The talent to achieve these objectives should come from the top of the organisation, with assistance from well educated, trained and experiencing supporting members of the team. A team to put the inspiration into the project.

Who builds custom built homes in Louisville?

Well the ideal choice would be the company who have designed the building. These people will be proud to see their and the customers plans put into action, and they are best placed to provide the input need if changes are agreed. Using separate design teams and builders can lead to friction and delays. If both groups are in the same company team then any problems will be easily resolved. So the builders that add perspiration to the inspiration of the design team, all working under one roof.


Are custom built homes in Louisville covered by warranty schemes

Yes. The local suppliers of custom built homes in Louisville will supply details of their responsibilities covering all aspects from planning approval, to satisfying local building regulations and snagging issues.