Creating Fresh and Funky Commercial Space on a Shoestring

Are you looking for ideas to brighten up your small retail or other commercial space? If so, here are a few great tips, from commercial lighting ideas to design hacks that will have your customers storming back to your store again and again!

Keep Design Minimalistic

In most small retail or other commercial spots, space is at a premium. You can’t add square footage, so don’t subtract it by adding décor. Use a design shortcut to create visual interest with a smaller footprint. Consider an accent wall instead of a dark, full-room paint job or a single, large framed mirror rather than multiples pieces, to reflect the light and make the room look larger.

Look High and Low

Your consumers are more than willing to look up and down on shelves and racks for the products they’re searching for, so display them using the vertical space you have. Use high shelving for items you don’t want children handling and low bins for soft items that aren’t easily breakable. Use tall racks that rotate for maximum space efficiency and keep stock well rotated to prevent empty space. This will not only keep you from wasting space in your store, but it will also help you push more products!

Light It Up Right

Lighting plays a big role in how consumers respond to your space. A well-lit store will invite consumers in and give them plenty of reason to stay and browse for a while, but too much light may overwhelm some visitors. Choose soft, white lighting that is energy-efficient to keep costs low and make spaces appear larger.

To get great commercial lighting in Victoria, BC, talk to your local specialty lighting retailer. They can take the details you give them about your store or other commercial space and help you find the right lighting solution for all your small space needs.

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