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by | Nov 29, 2016 | Beer

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Craft beer is rapidly becoming the “in drink,” they are starting to pop-up on the shelves of your local super market and on the wine and beer menus at very trendy restaurants. California craft beer online know them to be fun; the labels themselves are enough to pique the interest of any beer aficionado. If you are new to the craft beer craze, perhaps a brief introduction is in order.

  • What is craft beer?

Typically, craft beers have a flavor that has been carefully developed; they all come from small brewers that are not tied to the confines of the big players. Although the vast majority of craft beers are brewed in microbreweries don’t be surprised to find more and more “brewpubs” opening; these outfits create specialty brews that are only found in that particular venue. Don’t get the wrong impression either, when you visit California craft beer online you will see that not all craft beer is dark with a big bold flavor, what you will find though is all craft beer is fun.

  • Craft brews are the fine wines of beer:

Wine is different because of the grape; the type, where it is grown, when it is picked, etc. Like wine, craft beer too gets its unique qualities from the ingredients, where it is brewed, how long it has been left to ferment and more.

Craft beers are enjoyed by connoisseurs; they love to pair beer with the fine foods they are enjoying. You cannot do this if your idea of beer is something that comes out of a huge brewery. Just like wine, craft beers also breathe better when they are served and presented in the right glass, by serving in the right glass the full flavor and aroma is enjoyed.

When you shop at California craft beer online the choices are as endless as the number of craft breweries. If you try one and it doesn’t suit your taste, don’t stop trying, there will be a craft beer somewhere that will satisfy your palette and your wallet.

If you are looking for high quality craft beer you will be happy that you have discovered California craft beer online. Each new beer is taste tested by their own “Craft Gurus” to ensure that you get nothing but the best. Like us on Facebook

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