Always Call a Well Testing Company in Grants Pass, OR

When you use a well as your source of water, you never want to take that first drink without calling on the help of a well testing company. These companies have the certifications and technology necessary to discover even the most minute of contaminants, which is crucial if you want to keep yourself and your family healthy.

All natural water sources will contain some impurities, and many of these are harmless. Most groundwater comes from rain and melting snow that soaks into the ground, creating a water table. Potential contaminants are introduced to that ground water the moment they come in contact with it, and contaminants can be introduced by anything. Microbial, organic, and inorganic compounds have a different effect on the health of your water, and you need to call a well testing company in Grants Pass, OR, to ensure yours is drinkable. Visit Website to learn about testing packages offered.


Thousands of chemicals fall into this category, such as solvents, oil, pesticides, and herbicides. VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, contain carbon, evaporate quickly, and leave behind a contaminating residue. If you are concerned that you have a large percentage of VOCs in your well water, call a well testing company to determine if you are correct. The right companies test for 43 different VOCs to ensure water quality and help you obtain peace of mind.


Heavy metals, nutrients, and minerals are present to some degree in much of the fresh water found on earth. Many of these occur naturally in the environment, while others are introduced to the water supply through human endeavors. The right testing will ensure you do not have an unacceptable percentage of these inorganic compounds in your water and keep the community safe from unseen contaminants. When you call a reputable laboratory for testing, you are doing the right thing for your community at large as well as the environment. Click here for more info about the well testing company in Grants Pass, OR.

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