Cracked No More – 3 Questions You Should be Asking Before and After a Windshield Replacement

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Automotive

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So often it’s easy to overlook the windshield as a piece of a car as needing car, maintenance or even a replacement. You’ve done your research for places in Chicago windshield replacement; you’ve book a timeslot to come in but now what?

Before the Replacement

After picking time in your busy day to get your windshield replaced, you realize the damage is too large or dangerous to drive any further than the end of your land – what do you do? Many Chicago-based windshield replacements will offer a service in which they will come to you, because they understand if your windshield is needing a replacement it’s because something big has happened. So, they want to help. Asking them on the initial appointment or phone call will help you choose how to proceed next.

Time’s Money, Money is Time

Windshield replacements can take no time, or they can take a while – it all depends on the severity of the damage and the complexity of the repair. It’s always good to inquire about the time it will take to get the job done because your time is just as important as theirs. In Chicago, good windshield replacement shops will be able to typically have your car back to you by the end of a day!

Crack Free!

Now that your car’s windshield has been replaced you may be wondering, now what? You may want to take your car for a full car wash or wonder if there’s any after-care needed. Asking the company about how long before the adhesive sets is important as you don’t want to be taking your car through the drive-thru if it’s going to damage not only the windshield but money spent to have it repaired!

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