Common Dryer Problems You May Encounter, Their Causes and How to Fix Them

If you’re like most people, you count on your dryer to get your clothes dry and ready for the week. Whether you use it once a week or more, you need it to work. If you have problems with your dryer, this can be incredibly frustrating.

When it comes to dryer issues, there are some common issues that could occur. These may require a call to a professional who specializes in dryer repair in Woodlands Hills. Here are a few of those common issues.

Funny Noises

If you hear a funny noise when the dyer runs, such as a grinding or rolling sound or the machine vibrates, there are a couple of different issues that could be occurring. It could be that the dryer drum seal has failed or a bearing has come loose and is rolling around the inside of the machine.

The Heater Doesn’t Work

If the dryer continues to run but doesn’t heat up, this could be a sign that the thermal fuse is faulty. This is often caused by the ventilation being blocked or the lint screens being clogged. If you clean the ventilation and lint screen but still have issues, you’ll need to get the thermal fuse replaced.

Dryer Runs for a Short While

If you turn your dryer on and it runs for a short while before shutting off, this could be an indication that the thermostat is broken. This can be caused by having clogged ventilation and lint screens or by constantly overloading the machine.

When any of these issues occur, it can be incredibly stressful. They will also require calling in a professional who does dryer repair in Woodland Hills to get your machine running correctly.

If you are having any of these common issues with your dryer or any other appliance in your home, contact our pros at DG Appliance Service.

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