Commercial and Residential Air Conditioning Repair Grayson

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Heating

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Let’s face it. Time is not on your side, nor is the weather when your heating or air conditioning unit stops working properly. Whether it’s the unit in your business or residence, it’s not a pretty sight when the temperature inside your home or business is the same as it is outdoors, especially in the heat of the summer and cold of the winter.

The heating and air conditioning unit in your home or business is a very important element in providing comfort for you. No matter what the problem is with your unit, Air Conditioning Repair Grayson can help solve it.

Services offered by Heating and Air Conditioning Repair technicians include sales, servicing and installations. Just because your unit may not be functioning properly does not necessarily mean you will have to purchase a brand new unit.

If you are like most people you really don’t know a whole lot about what makes your unit work properly. You may be aware of how to properly maintain a unit but sometimes there are repairs that will need to be done that you may not have the time or skill to do on your own. Some examples of such repairs are:

Air conditioning refrigerant leak detection

Blower fan replacement

Compressor repair or replacement

Motor replacement

Condensor coil repair or replacement

Those are just a few repairs that Air Conditioning Repair Grayson to do for you.

If your existing unit cannot be repaired by a skilled HVAC technician and they determine you will need a brand new unit, they will let you know when they make their service call. Businesses that specialize in heating and air conditioning will most often give you a free estimate on having needed repairs or new installations. Repairs can sometimes be done on the same day as long as you call them during normal business hours. After hours calls and services are sometimes possible but repairs will cost quite a bit more if you notify them outside of their normal operating hours.

Keeping your heating and air conditioning unit well maintained and routinely serviced can many times avoid having to replace the entire unit prematurely. Change your intake filter at least once per month and don’t delay calling a service technician should you notice problems with your unit. It’s better to be one step ahead and take care of the problem before it becomes more serious.