An automobile accident may necessitate an attorney

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Law

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If you are in an automobile accident where you suffer injuries, and it appears that you were not at fault, then you will want a good auto accident attorney in Oklahoma City on your side. At this time, you will be focusing on recovering from your injuries and worrying about your family. A good lawyer is a prerequisite to seeing that you get fully compensated for the pain and suffering that is the results of the accident, but compensation for all your medical expenses and the repair or replacement of your vehicle.

A family member is not the right person to represent your interests. Only an auto accident attorney in Oklahoma City can make the determination of the negligent party’s insurance coverage and whether the insurance company will cover all the expenses. While you are in the process of healing, a skilled attorney can be working to ensure that you are fully compensated.

A well-seasoned auto accident attorney in Oklahoma City knows exactly how to deal with insurance companies, who are notorious for trying to minimize their liability. The lawyer can develop the case and present it to the insurers, if they refuse; he is capable of taking the case to court. All insurance companies will attempt to minimize the claim and if you or an unskilled person was to deal with them; you can be assured that they will take advantage of this and offer you a settlement far below what the lawyer can get for you.

If the injuries suffered have long-term consequences, perhaps the accident resulted in the loss of a limb or worse yet, brain damage, the award will be much higher. The award will take into account your inability to work and provide for your family, the long-term medical care and the mental anguish suffered by both you, and your family members.

An auto auto accident attorney may agree to provide his services and working on your behalf on contingency. This is a financial arrangement between you and the attorney; he agrees to represent you through the final settlement, and you agree to pay an agreed-upon percentage of the settlement as the lawyer’s fee. Although you can negotiate the lawyer’s payment arrangement, you cannot negotiate the court filing fee, this must be paid when the case is filed. In many cases, the case will not get to court, especially if your lawyer is known as tough during a trial; the insurance company will want to settle out of court through negotiation. The fact that your lawyer will expect his fee to be about 40% of the award should not concern you. The lawyer will get you far more than you would have received without him.

When you get the best auto accident attorney in Oklahoma City, you can be assured of a satisfactory settlement that takes everything into account.

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