Buying Quality Living Room Furniture in Auburn

by | Jun 27, 2013 | Furniture

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Buying furniture is a huge investment for many people, especially if they want quality furniture. What qualities make the best living room furniture Auburn area? You certainly don’t want to buy anything from big box retail stores because much of is made of prefabricated wood, and is made to put together at home. The instructions are typically sparse and frustrating, plus parts tend to be missing. The pieces are also not very durable or comfortable. So when you’re ready to move on from dorm room furniture, there are a few things to keep in mind,

Furniture by nature is made of wood. The kind of wood greatly affects its looks and function. When buying furniture that you want to last, you can’t go wrong with piece made of durable, solid wood. The exposed wood for furniture that will see heavy use, such as a coffee table or the arms of a chair, should be scratch resistant. Wood can be tested by running a fingernail across it. If it leaves a dent, then you should pass on that piece because it will be covered in dings, dents, and scratches in no time.

Wood for living room furniture pieces like couches and chairs, is normally concentrated in the frame. It should be composed of a solid wood or plywood that is made of many layers-;at least nine. Wood should be free of knots, because knots crack easily and this can negatively impact the structural integrity of the piece.

For instance, pine tends to have more knot than any other wood, and it’s found in cheap furniture. All particle board, fiberboard, and pressed wood should be avoided. These products are nothing more than sawdust and wood chips held together by glue. They can fall apart when they get even slightly damp, and tend to disintegrate around fasteners that hold them together.

Much living room furniture Auburn pieces make use of veneers, which is a premium layer of wood used to over another piece of wood, often of lower quality. Even high-end furniture uses them. What is important is the wood that lies below. As long as it is solid and of good quality, veneers actually are desirable. Look for wood that uses proper construction techniques, such as joints made with interconnecting wood pieces like dowels, and not staples and nails.