Benefits of Dog Day Care in Alexandria VA

 day care Alexandria VA provides can be beneficial to both you and your favourite furry companion. Your dog is your best friend and it can be heart breaking leaving them at home all day during the week while you are off at work. Dogs are social animals just like human beings. They crave attention and love. Their physical activity requirements are also a lot more important than ours though. It is worth looking into a dog day care service if you are worried about the attention that your dog gets throughout the day. Read on for dog day care benefits.

Peace of mind with dog day care in Alexandria VA

Not only will you be assured that your dog is getting the attention he or she deserves; you will also have peace of mind that your dog is not busy ripping up your garden or chewing your favourite furniture. These are common dog behaviours when your best friend is bored. With your dogs at a dog day care in Alexandria VA, they will be properly stimulated and out of your house which means they will not be able to wreak havoc while you are at work.

Social interaction at a dog day care in Alexandria VA

Dogs need to be taught how to act appropriately around other dogs and people. If they are left at home all day alone, they will not be gaining any social skills. At a dog day care in Alexandria VA, your dog will have consistent contact with other people and various other dogs. This way they will not become aggressive or overly fearful when other dogs or people come around to your house to visit. Dogs also crave this socialisation and dog day cares can provide them with it.

Dog day care in Alexandria VA provide physical activity

At a dog day care in Alexandria VA, your dog will have ample room and opportunity to play and run. A dog needs to be active and this is why you need to take your dogs for walks. Sometimes it is hard to find time to do this and often gardens are not big enough to allow space for optimum doggie activity. Dog day cares normally have large facilities in order to cater for all dog sizes. They will also have copious toys to keep your dog occupied.

Leaving your dog at home all day will only allow it to burst with pent up energy when you get home. Often you are tired after a long day at work and will become frustrated by an over active dog. However, this is natural behaviour for an under stimulated pet. To solve most of your pet problems, send your dog to a dog day care in Alexandria VA.

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