Avoid These Dangerous Methods for Wasp Removal in Oklahoma City, OK

There is a good deal of old wives’ tales about how to safely get rid of wasps. Unfortunately, the majority of them are more harmful than they are helpful and it can be difficult for those who don’t have experience with wasp removal in Oklahoma City OK to tell the difference. Those who want to ensure that they won’t be putting themselves in harm’s way by believing the wrong story can read on to get to the bottom of these old wives’ tales.

Burning Wasps’ Nests

Burning a wasps’ nest is never a good idea, yet people continue to attempt this DIY method of wasp removal every year. Not only is burning wasps’ nests quite dangerous due to how flammable they are, but it is also ineffective. Instead of killing all of the wasps, this method will leave many of them alive and they will be enraged, creating an even more dangerous situation.

Flooding Wasps’ Nests

Although flooding a wasps’ nest is less likely to catch the surrounding neighborhood on fire, it is no more effective as a means of wasp removal in Oklahoma City OK than burning it. In some circumstances, flooding the nest can also lead to property damage. Since not all of the wasps will drown, it can also lead to painful stings as those that are left are far more likely to be aggressive.

Knocking Down Nests

If burning and flooding wasps nests are a bad idea, trying to destroy them by hand using a baseball bat, a racket, or a large stick is an even worse plan. This method will place the person attempting the removal in potentially extreme harm. Even if readers are not allergic to wasp stings, multiple stings can be dangerous and this is the only possible outcome of trying to knock down a nest by hand.

The Right Solution

Now that all of these surprisingly common methods for DIY wasp control have been debunked, it’s time to discuss one simple plan that will work. Readers who are looking for an effective means of getting rid of wasps need only call an exterminator who knows how to safely handle their wasp problem. Get started today by learning about us and pest control services online.

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