Are You Looking For Good Value On Hardwood Floors For Charleston SC Residences Or Commercial Premises?

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Carpet and Flooring

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Whenever we are spending our money, we all hope to obtain good value. However, when it comes to choosing the floor covering for any sort of room inside a structure, do we have enough specialized knowledge to be able to accurately judge the value?

Performing A Specific Function

Floors are an essential part of any building and, (in most cases) there are very valid reasons why we would not care to leave the floor as unfinished bare concrete. However, our choice of floor covering has to be influenced by the function that a particular floor area will have to perform. This, in turn, will be influenced by our personal aesthetic considerations.


For older buildings, the Hardwood Floors In Charleston SC may also be an integral part of the structure. This is particularly true for upper floors. Not only is hardwood strong and durable, it is supplied to the building trade in planks cut from a single piece of timber. Before concrete subfloors became more popular, such hardwood planks were the norm for bracing the support columns in the sides of a building.

Decorative And/Or Comfortable

These are probably the prime factors considered when selecting flooring and there can be no doubt that quality Hardwood Floors In Charleston SC will provide an eye catching and pleasant appearance to any room. Maybe you will prefer carpeting in your bedrooms but many people do find it comforting to walk barefoot on a wooden floor.


Regardless of whichever species of tree your hardwood was cut from, it will be absorbent in its natural state. This can be easily worked around by applying a finishing coat of (say) polyurethane to the floor’s surface. With this in place, the floor should give many years of service – even in areas subjected to heavy foot traffic (such as bars or restaurants).


Considering all the above factors, it would be fair to say that Hardwood Floors In Charleston SC can give exceptional value for many applications. This will be better achieved by using a skilled and knowledgeable installation contractor. Visit Boone Flooring.