A Holistic Plan for Treating Hashimoto’s Disease in Peachtree City

Hashimoto’s disease is by far the most common cause of underactive thyroid function, medically known as hypothyroidism. Most medical doctors treat this autoimmune condition with a pharmaceutical prescription for levothyroxine. Men and women with Hashimoto’s in Peachtree City who are interested in an alternative approach may seek a doctor focusing on functional medicine instead.

Doctors concentrating on functional medicine address the underlying disorder instead of only treating the effects this disorder causes. The underlying cause, in this case, is a problem with the patient’s immune system. The immune system attacks the thyroid, causing this organ to malfunction. A reduction in normal thyroid hormone levels in the blood results in symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, depression, muscle weakness and thinning hair.

During functional medicine treatment, patients may still need thyroid hormone replacement medication. However, holistic therapy for Hashimoto’s in Peachtree City is intended to slow the progress of the disease and prevent further damage to the thyroid. It does this by bringing the immune system back into balance. Some research indicates that people with an autoimmune disorder are at increased risk of developing another one. They may have a higher risk of catching contagious illnesses and developing serious complications because their immune system is attacking their own cells.

Beneficial natural strategies help the immune system begin to calm down and recover from its overactive state. The doctor may recommend a nutritional program including supplemental nutrients and dietary enzymes. An all-around plan to boost health while quieting hyperactive immunity can have remarkable positive effects.

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