A Divorce Attorney in Bremerton WA Helps Clients When the Other Spouse Protests

In Washington State, a spouse who wants a divorce does not have to prove that the other did something to cause this situation. Washington is a no-fault state in regard to divorce. The other spouse can still try to fight the divorce filing through various tactics, however. Having a Divorce Attorney in Bremerton Wa for legal representation is important.

Filing Jointly and Uncontested Petitions

When both spouses agree to a divorce and all matters pertaining to the divorce, they may be able to file jointly. One still must be the petitioner and the other the respondent. This does not necessarily mean that both spouses want a divorce, but rather that the respondent does not contest the filing. The respondent does not actually even have to respond to a divorce petition if it will be uncontested.


When a husband or wife decides to file for divorce with the help of an attorney like A. Scott Kalkwarf, this person does so on the legal reason that the marriage is irretrievably broken. Washington State does not grant divorces for any other reason. The spouse does not have to accuse the other of any misconduct or file with “grounds” for a divorce. The court will grant the divorce no matter what, but the other spouse and his or her attorney can use various delaying tactics.

Time Frame

The minimum length of time couples must wait for a divorce to become final is 90 days. Stalling tactics by one spouse can delay the end of the marriage for several more months. A spouse who is determined to make life difficult for the petitioner can have his or her lawyer bring the case to court for litigation of various issues. The petitioner needs an experienced Divorce Attorney in Bremerton Wa to achieve the best possible outcome.

Important Considerations

The spouse who is angry about the divorce filing and wants to block it must realize that he or she is likely to lose a fair bit of money in doing so because of attorney fees and court costs. Also, a judge will not grant unreasonable requests like not allowing a parent to visit with children except in extreme circumstances.

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