4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fence Builder in Riverside

by | Aug 13, 2015 | Fencing

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Homeowners have multiple options to consider when choosing the right fencing for the homes. The selection may require an evaluation of goals: are there pets and kids that need to be contained, or does the homeowner want more privacy or a higher property value? Cost and maintenance requirements should also be considered, as should deed restrictions and contractor availability. Whether a homeowner wants an iron fence or a stockade fence, they should carefully consider the above factors before hiring a Fence Builder Riverside.

Choose the Best Fence for the Yard

Fences are installed for a variety of reasons: to increase curb appeal, to keep the family safe, and to increase privacy. If a fence is installed properly, it can increase the property’s value. The homeowner should ask themselves why they want a fence and allow the answer to guide their decision-making process.

While privacy fences have their advantages, they can sometimes diminish a home’s resale value. Aluminum fences can give a yard an open look, and they are HOA-required in some places. If containment is a concern, there’s no one best option, and the decision often comes down to a homeowner’s tastes and budget.

Maintenance Needs

Wooden fences are higher-maintenance, but they can provide aesthetic appeal. This type of fencing requires bi-yearly staining or painting, but it can boost property values. Vinyl and aluminum fencing requires little maintenance, which makes them an appealing choice for many homeowners. However, wood fencing is easier to repair than vinyl or metal fencing.

Fulfilling HOA Requirements

In some cases, the homeowner may not have the final say in what type of fence they get from a Mesa Fence Company. In these cases, the homeowner should ensure that their chosen fence meets the HOA’s requirements as to height and construction. Failure to comply with deed restrictions can result in steep fines and severe sanctions.

Choosing a Contractor

Some homeowners try to fence their own yards, but installation often requires specific tools and skills. Before hiring a fence installation professional, the homeowner should check the company’s references and licensing status. A reliable Fence Builder Riverside should secure all necessary county and city permits, and they should get a zoning map to ensure that the fence aligns itself with property boundaries.