3 Reasons to Have Legal Representation at an Immigration Interview

Many people attend their immigration interviews without legal representation. However, these successful cases are well documented and have few negative factors, such as criminal issues, visa overstays, and other violations. Even if you’ve filed alone or with help from a paralegal, you should hire an attorney for immigration in Coral Springs, FL, for the reasons listed below.

Preventing Complications and Delays

In the past, it took about six months to get a naturalization application or green card approved; now, the wait is about two years. If you’re missing important documents, it may take several months for the USCIS to send a request for evidence, and you only have a short time in which to respond. Your lawyer will help you avoid delays by deciding what to bring to the interview and how to prepare for it.

Clarifying Questions

When an immigration officer asks an unclear or vague question, a lawyer may ask for clarification to ensure that you understand what’s being asked. If an attorney is sure that the answer is legally or factually incorrect, they may ask the immigration officer to re-word the question or they may point to records within the file to show that the applicant made a mistake.

Protecting You

When an immigration officer believes that an applicant poses a risk to the community or is committing fraud, they may ask more probing questions. While your attorney for immigration in Coral Springs, FL, can’t answer these questions for you, he or she can help you determine when to answer, ask for an explanation, or object for cause.

Hire an Immigration Attorney

These are just a few of the most important benefits of hiring an attorney for immigration in Coral Springs, FL. While it’s legal to attend a USCIS interview by yourself, it’s not always advisable. Before your interview, you should consider hiring an immigration lawyer. Visit the website to fill out our online contact form or call the firm to schedule a consultation.

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