Your Baby’s Dental Health:Pediatric Dentist Manchester CT

Young children can experience tooth decay and their teeth need to be cared for by a dentist at one year old or within six months of their first tooth. Although baby teeth are temporary, they are important for learning how to speak, chewing their food and setting the stage for the normal development of the jaw and bite. Learn more about preventing tooth decay in young children from the pediatric dentist Manchester CT.


Prevent Caries

Prevention of tooth decay is best performed by protecting your baby’s mouth from harmful bacteria. By brushing your own teeth after meals and at bedtime, you will prevent the spreading of germs to your baby’s mouth. In addition, do not cleanse a pacifier or the nipple of a bottle with your own mouth. You may pass on bacterial that your child is not equipped to fight-off.


Do not place a child in their bed with a bottle filled with formula or juice. The liquid is sugary and creates an environment for the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria causes plaque to form that creates dental caries. In addition, juice is acidic and may wear away the delicate enamel on your baby’s teeth.


Introduce the Sippy Cup

By one year of age, your baby should be introduced to the use of a cup. If the child resists the change and demands a bottle, add water to the formula and make it less appetizing. Provide cups that are age appropriate and are designed for babies. The use of a cup helps to protect teeth from bacteria and acidic beverages. Wash your child’s teeth after meals and at bedtime. If your child shows signs of tooth pain or mouth discomfort, consult your pediatric dentist Manchester CT.


The Pediatric Dentist

It is recommended to have your child visit the dentist at one year of age or at least six months after the first tooth has erupted. The pediatric dentist will examine the young child’s mouth for signs of gum inflammation, any potential problems with their bite and signs of decay. Help keep your baby healthy and prevent the formation of plaque and dental caries. Instilling good habits and a healthy diet will help your baby keep good dental health for a lifetime.

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