Working with an interior painter

by | May 27, 2016 | Home Improvement

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Interior painting is a favorite for DIY advocates, but there will be a time when hiring a pro is the best way to tackle the project. It may be one thing to tackle the kid’s playroom on the weekend, but taking on the whole interior is something else altogether different.

What does interior painting in Clarksville TN include?

Painting only happens after a number of other things have happened. The painter needs to get color input from the owner, source and buy the correct materials and most importantly, properly prepare the surfaces. The walls must be sanded or scraped and any traces of old wallpaper must be removed.

How to get the most out of turning the project over to a pro:

  • Preliminary decisions should be made early: The task will go smoother and quicker if you have already established the colors and the finishes you want as well as the surfaces that are to be included in the job. Although paint chips are reasonable representations of color, it is best to hire a painter that is capable of mixing colors on site to suit; this is important because of lighting considerations.

  • Make any repairs early: If there is damage to your home; perhaps a hole in a section of drywall or broken moldings, get these things repaired before painting starts. A flawed surface will ruin even the best painting job.

  • Contact the pros: Now that your home is ready and you have made the material and color choices, start looking for companies known to do excellent interior painting in Clarksville TN. You can usually find friends or acquaintances that have had their homes painted; there is nothing better than a personal recommendation.

  • Clear the rooms: Once you have chosen the painter and you have a fixed start date, clear out the rooms as much as possible. If it can be moved, move it. Not only will the job go quicker, there is no possibility of having paint drip on your prized possessions.

By getting involved in the process you can help considerably to cut down the time it takes to paint and make it easier for the painter to do an excellent job.

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