Working With an Attorney When Dealing With Car Dealerships in Arkansas

Many people are reluctant about hiring an attorney. They may worry about the expense. They may feel that by hiring an attorney to help them get a dealership to honor their warranty, they are taking an issue that is simple to resolve and making it more complicated.

If a dealership is not holding up their end of their warranty, it is unlikely that talking to the owner of the dealership or a manager at the dealership is going to change anything. Likely, they have developed a habit of brushing people off when they have warranty issues. Although the dealership may be well aware of Arkansas Lemon Law, they feign ignorance. They may even count on the fact that the individual they are dealing with does not understand the law. If the dealer just drags the process out, eventually the buyer is going to cave.

It is not uncommon for the dealer to mention Arkansas Lemon Law and to give false reasons as to why this law would not apply in your case. This is why it is best to speak to an attorney if you are dealing with a dealership that does not want to repair your vehicle or if your new vehicle or used vehicle that is under warranty constantly is having the same problem.

The nice thing about handling differences with dealerships using an attorney is that your attorney can guarantee that what is agreed upon at any meeting gets put it in writing and carried out by the dealership.

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