Working With an Acupuncture San Diego Provider

by | Jun 15, 2013 | Health And Fitness

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An acupuncture procedure is designed to stimulate various points of the body with needles and electrical tools. It is an old form of Chinese healing that improves the imbalanced flows of an energy known as qi. Not many health disorders can be completely cured by acupuncture, but many disorders have been improved. See if an acupuncture San Diego professional can offer you the right service.


Acupuncture promoters say that it can fix insomnia, anxiety and other disorders. The treatment is generally safe when administered by an experienced practitioner who uses clean needles. The main idea is that health is controlled by a flow of energy known as qi. This energy helps to circulate body fluids through the body, warm the body, defend it against external factors, contain fluids and transform certain fluids into other particles. If any disturbance occurs, a disease forms.


To correct this disturbance, the acupuncturist stimulates different points on or beneath the skin. First, the patient is reviewed and questioned for a proper diagnosis. Emphasis is placed on the face and especially the tongue. The professional analyzes all the elements of the tongue. The patient’s appetite, body sounds, tastes and sleep patterns are analyzed. The work is dependent on philosophy more than science and customized to each person.


A consultation includes the professional inspecting the patient’s tongue and taking the pulse. The entire procedure takes a few minutes or up to an hour, depending on the condition. Some needles may be left in the body for days. The complexity of the work depends on the country and practitioner. All needles must be sterilized and inserted immediately. A professional can manipulate the needle in different ways by flicking it or moving it vertically.


Acupuncture helps people deal with a wide range of health problems like headaches, stress, strokes and frequent pain. The process may be painful, and the acupuncturist’s skills determine the extent of the pain. A treatment is less effective if the wrong points are penetrated, the needle is not inserted deep enough or some other reason. Contact acupuncture San Diego provider to know if tools are available to mend your condition.