Working Fathers Should Hire a Family Law Attorney in Wanaque NJ

Divorce is usually expensive, especially when an unemployed spouse initiates the process. In addition to division of family assets, a working spouse is often required to pay spousal support. This is a common concern among fathers who think a hectic work schedule can make them appear less capable of parenting than the at-home spouse. Here, employed fathers can learn how a job can affect custody and they can find out how the courts arrive at decisions in these cases.

Full-Time Jobs: How They Affect Custody Determinations

A father employed full-time will not always suffer negative effects on his ability to get custody, even if his ex does not have a job. When making child custody determinations, judges evaluate parents based on numerous factors. The courts consider each person’s ability to provide financial support, but they also consider fulfillment of children’s emotional and physical needs.

If a working father hires a Family Law Attorney in Wanaque NJ and requests sole custody, he may have to answer questions regarding child care arrangements. It is common for working parents to receive sole custody, as long as the job does not interfere with their parenting abilities.

Factors in Custody Awards

When considering a father’s job, the court evaluates his income, child care arrangements, work schedule and the child’s schedule. All of these factors can affect a judge’s view of the father’s ability to care for the children. Custody is often granted based on:

  • Overall parenting skills
  • The father’s relationship with children
  • His plans for the children’s lives
  • Proximity to other family members
  • The ability to provide a stable, safe home environment
  • The ability to meet the child’s current and future physical and emotional needs
  • The preferences of older children

In most instances, the New Jersey courts prefer to keep both sides involved in the children’s lives. This typically involves granting custody, legal and visitation rights to both parents. Fathers who work long hours may receive decision making rights, while the mother may receive the majority of physical custody.

Multiple factors including a father’s employment affect his chances of winning custody. With a Family Law Attorney in Wanaque NJ, a father can protect his legal rights and arrive at a custody arrangement that meets the children’s needs while being fair to everyone involved.

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