Why You Need A Social Security Lawyer

If only half of what you hear and read about how tough it is to get approved for Social Security disability benefits? then making the application has to be tough to say the least. With the complexity of the law and the inherent difficulties in dealing with the bureaucracy, hiring a Social Security lawyer in Evanston from the very outset could prove advantageous when it comes to winning the possible fight that lies ahead of you.

Statistically a full seventy five percent of those who apply for disability benefits independently are denied. Many people are of the opinion that they can complete and process the application and in the event it is denied, then is the time to hire a lawyer. It is no secret that the chances of approval are very poor so it is always a good idea to hire a lawyer when you first deal with the SSA, you may get the benefits you deserve right away. As the legal fees are set by the Federal Government it only makes sense to have a lawyer from the beginning of the process, it costs no more. The one thing that an applicant must take into account is that the lawyer must be one who deals with Social Security frequently as the laws are very complex.

It is impossible to know when the application is being made what the eventual cash benefit will be. In some ways it is like suing someone for a personal injury, the amount that is eventually awarded is unknown at the time. With the fees being set by Social Security it is advisable to find a lawyer that is well thought of and has an enviable record of winning cases for his or her clients. Although the fee structure is always subject to amendment it is currently set at 25 percent of the back pay you are awarded or a maximum of $6,000.

The law is phenomenally complex; as a result lawyers tend to establish themselves in a specific specialty. A Social Security lawyer in Evanston is intimate with all the rules, regulations and laws that apply to disabilities and the disability benefit application and appeals process. A lawyer can accomplish many things that a layperson would find very difficult if not impossible to do. The lawyer can access all the documentation that the Administration has on your case, this fact alone is of considerable benefit as it gives the lawyer insight into your case, allowing for a careful evaluation of those factors that will eventually have a considerable impact on the outcome of your application. The lawyer can gain access to all your medical records including tests that have been performed.

These records can be presented as factual evidence to support your contention that you are disabled and cannot work. The lawyer can often expedite the claim, showing the SSA that you are facing financial difficulties as a result of what usually is a lengthy process.

If you are about to make an application for disability benefits you should seriously consider hiring a seasoned Social Security lawyer in Evanston from the outset. As the legal fee is fixed you have no reason not to contact The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown for assistance.

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