Why Use Hot Melt Adhesive in Your Business?

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Machinery and Equipment

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If your company has the need to seal cartons or create corrugated products, you need an effective adhesive. There are several types available today and many businesses are turning to hot melt adhesive for their needs. Why is hot glue a good idea and how can your company benefit from it? Let’s check out what hot melt glue is, and its many advantages.

What is Hot Melt Glue?

Commonly called hot glue, this kind of adhesive is created in sticks, chips, or pieces and while it is in its natural form, it is not an adhesive until it is heated to a specific temperature. Once the glue melts it then becomes a very effective bonding agent, especially on porous materials. Some hot glues are thermoplastic and others are starch based. Here are some of the benefits of using hot glue.


If you are sealing thousands of cartons a day, the costs can add up quickly. Hot glue can be made cheaply so you can afford to buy it in bulk and its price is very affordable. In fact, hot melt adhesive products are some of the lowest cost materials on the market today.


With some kinds of adhesives, there is a trade-off. For example, if you want something highly resistant to water, you may need to use a chemical or rubber based glue. However, this can create a lot of environmental issues. On the other hand, simple natural glues are water soluble which means they may not bond well if the material becomes wet.

A hot melt adhesive with a starch base, is very durable and resistant to moisture after curing. It is good in areas of high humidity, and starch based glues are eco friendly.

Time is Money

After sealing a number of cartons, you may need to ship them within a short amount of time. If you use standard gluing methods, the boxes may need to set for 30 minutes or longer before the glue is set up. Hot glue easily penetrates into the pores of cardboard boxes and cools quickly. In fact, the boxes will be ready to load in a very short amount of time.

Shelf Life

Because hot melt adhesive comes to you in dry form, it can sit for as long as three years and still not lose its effectiveness. You can buy in large quantities to save on costs, and not have to worry about your glue losing its potency over time.