Why Put Nitrogen in Beer?

If you enjoy a cold and frosty fermented beverage at the end of a hard day, you are not alone. There are many beer aficionados just like you. When you drink your beer, you want something with good best taste at the most affordable prices, and you may come across nitrogen or “nitro beer” in your quest for the best beverage. Why put nitrogen in your beer? Here are some good reasons from your industrial gas suppliers.


To make your favorite soft drinks, manufacturers force CO2 into their beverages. However, this is not the case with beer. Breweries do not have to buy CO2 from industrial gas suppliers to put in their beverages? During beer-making, yeast acting with sugar causes a fermentation process which produces both alcohol and CO2. So, beer is naturally carbonated. So why would you want to add nitrogen?

It is All about Taste

Many people prefer to drink a carbonated beverage over something non-carbonated. Carbonation delivers a fresh and lively taste to the mouth and accents all the main ingredients in beer. Yet, some breweries have decided to produce beer with a 70/30 mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

About Nitrogen

Unlike carbon dioxide, nitrogen does not readily mix with liquids. It creates bubbles, but they are not as large as standard CO2 bubbles. Small bubbles provide a less carbonated feel in the mouth, and this affects taste. The bubbles are not entering the nose quickly. Instead, they stay in your mouth to give you a more refined flavor.

Looks Are Important Too

There is another reason why breweries buy large amounts of nitrogen from industrial gas suppliers. Nitro beer has an impressive appearance when served on tap. The tap process enhances the nitrogen, and you get a beer with a large, foamy, and frothy head. Is it better? It certainly is worth trying to find out.

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