Why Not Take Your Pet to a Spa for Dog Training in Graylake, IL?

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Pets

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There are many dog trainers who will offer to help your dog become more obedient; however, if you want to ensure that your pet has the best experience, possible, you may want to use the services offered by a pet spa. When you want exceptional pet care, as well as Dog Training Grayslake IL professionals at Shag Bark Pet Retreat and Spa are the answer. They offer a range of pet-friendly benefits that include:


      *     DAYCARE AND BOARDING: A pet spa provides luxury boarding and daycare facilities, including comfortable bunks and healthy, scheduled meals. You may choose from a variety of activity packages which offer your pet one-on-one or group play periods, exercise times, treats, and turn-down service. Experts are trained to observe and monitor your pet, and will ensure that they get immediate care if any problems are noted. They will also report your pet’s condition and progress to you.


      *     EFFECTIVE TRAINING: As part of their Dog Training Grayslake IL Shag Bark trainers use positive reinforcement. They will teach your pet everything from basic commands to behavioral changes. Experts will consult with you, to determine your goals, and map out a program that turns your dog into a well-mannered family member. Depending on your pet’s needs, you may decide on one-on-one sessions, or enroll them in group training. You may choose the lodge and learn option, which allows your dog to be trained while they board at the spa. In addition to multiple daily training sessions, dogs in the program enjoy socialization and play time. A professional will also show you how to maintain your dog’s good behavior, by teaching you benevolent leadership and at-home training techniques.


      *     GROOMING: The professionals at a pet spa are experts at creating an enjoyable experience for your dog, and this includes reducing stress. You may choose to have your pet groomed while they are in daycare or boarding, or during single sessions. Groomers provide specialty shampoos, aromatherapy, and relaxing massage, along with coat clipping and conditioning. Your dog’s nails will be clipped, and even painted, if you prefer.


If you want your dog to enjoy anxiety-free grooming, you may want to consider using a pet spa. The professional staff at these retreats is trained to cater to your dog’s every need, and offer a range of services that include daycare, boarding, training, and more.