Why Listening to Your Divorce Attorney in Laconia, NH, Matters

by | Dec 27, 2023 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Even under the friendliest conditions, divorce isn’t easy. Opting to secure a divorce attorney in Laconia, NH who can represent you is a smart decision. An even smarter decision is to listen to the advice that your legal counsel provides. Here are some reasons why you want to pay attention to every word.

  • While you anticipate an amicable divorce, the situation can change without any notice. If it does, you want a solid means of communication that does not require direct interaction with the other party. When your attorney advises that it’s best to have all discussions take place between the respective lawyers, or at least with the lawyers present, understand that the point is to protect your interests no matter what.
  • You may find that your attorney advises you to say as little about the specifics surrounding the divorce as possible. What your legal counsel is seeking to do is prevent any random remark from being misinterpreted and reported to the other party. The less you say to anyone other than your lawyer, the lower the odds of a stray comment complicating the divorce negotiations.
  • No divorce is free from stress. Your divorce attorney in Laconia, NH knows this, and seeks to provide advice designed to help you avoid as much stress as possible. Little things like referring all queries to your legal counsel makes it easier to concentrate on other aspects of your life. Take your attorney up on any task that would help ease the weight you feel on your shoulders, and position you to begin building a new life on your own.

Remember that your divorce attorney is there to make this transition as easy as possible. Take the advice given to heart. You’ll find that it does help you get through this difficult stage in your life.

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