Why It’s So Important to Insure Your New Jersey Trucking Business

Running a trucking business has a lot of risks attached to it. Even if you have ten of the best semi or commercial truck drivers working for you, there’s no way to predict when any one of them might be in an accident. This is especially true given the road conditions in winter in New Jersey, and the huge number of truck-related accidents on the NJ turnpike every year. Here’s why your trucking business absolutely needs
commercial transportation insurance in NJ and which transportation insurance company in NJ can help.

62 Turnpike Accidents and 66 Fatalities Last Year

It’s a bizarre fact reported by the State of New Jersey, but the number of fatalities involving truck accidents on the New Jersey turnpike last year exceeded the number of accidents. It means that one or more of those truck accidents resulted in multiple deaths, and you can bet that a lot of people sued the trucking companies involved. If you did not have commercial transportation insurance in NJ and your trucks were ever involved in these kinds of accidents, you could lose the shirt off your back along with your entire company after just a one or two lawsuits.

The Right Transportation Insurance Company in NJ

The best transportation insurance company in NJ is one that has multiple products to cover you, your drivers, your trucks, the shipments involved in any accidents, and your business. That company is Capstone Insurance Services, and you can contact them via http://capstonecoverage.com for a quote.

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