Why It’s A Good Idea To Hire A Professional To Assist With Landscape Design In Weston CT

The yard and gardens of a home are one of the first things that visitors see, and the right balance can turn any outdoor space into a beautiful oasis and provide valuable curb appeal. The problem is that most homeowners struggle with designing a landscape because it takes in-depth knowledge of local flora and the ability to source natural garden products. A professional with experience in Landscape Design in Weston CT can make the process simple and transform a dull and boring yard into a stunning display of beautiful flora.

Native Plant Selection

One of the biggest blunders that most homeowners make is choosing plants that are not native to the local area. Extreme heat and cold can wreak havoc on plants, but those that are designed to thrive in a specific climate will provide years of enjoyment and thrive. A landscape designer will know the best plants to incorporate into a garden and ensure that any new plantings are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Sun Exposure

Another essential aspect to planting a garden is determining the various sun requirements of any plants that are used. Shade-loving plants will thrive in areas that are under trees and are not exposed to direct sunlight. Others that require full sun will only succeed if they are placed in a location that provides them with a minimum of 8 hours of unobstructed daylight every day.

Architectural Details

Plants are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Landscape Design in Weston CT. Many homeowners choose to incorporate a variety of patios, decks, and stone structures to add whimsy and grand appeal to an outdoor area. A designer will know the best architectural details to use and will be able to locate vendors that can deliver them promptly.

Designing a landscape may seem easy, but not taking the proper precautions can lead to wasted money and labor. The experts at Northeast Horticultural Services offers design and installation services and can have any yard looking great in no time. Visit Northeasthorticultural.com to learn more and call today to schedule an appointment with one of their design professionals.

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