Why Is Auto Glass Different?

by | Jun 6, 2015 | Automotive

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There are two types of glass used in a modern automobile; tempered and laminated. To temper glass it is subjected to high heat and then cooled quickly, this glass is typically used in the side windows and the rear window of a car. Laminated auto glass in Chicago on the other hand consists of two pieces of glass, one on either side of a thin vinyl layer which in turn is heated in an over and bonded into one. Laminated glass is used for the front windshield of a car. Both tempered and laminated glass is significantly stronger than any glass that you might use in your home, they both are stronger and more resistant to impact. If tempered glass is sharply hit it will break but it shatters into thousands of small pieces which do not have sharp edges. Laminated glass also shatters but as it is adhered to a vinyl sheet the glass stays in one piece, albeit broken.

When a vehicle is involved in an accident the glass often gets broken and needs to be replaced. An accident is not the only reason why auto glass in Chicago needs replacing; stones and gravel from the road can be kicked up, resulting in a chip or crack. If this is serious the windshield will need immediate replacement but even if it does not appear to be serious, over time the constant vibration can cause the crack to enlarge.

It?s amazing how easy it is to replace a windshield; professionals do it all the time and although they have shops to work in, in many cases it the glass needs replacing where the car is located. These people can do the job in your driveway or the parking lot of your employer just as easy. Once the wiper and the molding have been removed it is a simple matter to just lift the broken windshield out. The old adhesive is cleaned away, new adhesive is applied and the new glass is installed. In most cases the whole job can be done in an hour or less.

Although new auto glass in Chicago is available, auto glass is one of those things that; if not damaged in any way is just as good if it comes from a junked car as it is when it comes from the factory. Don?t forget to check with your local used auto parts dealers as well for perfectly good replacement glass.

There is no need to buy brand new auto glass in Chicago. As long as the glass is not damaged used glass is a great way to save money. You are invited to check the stock of replacement glass held at Aero Auto Parts.