Why Hire Lawyers that Deal with Trucking Accidents in Glen Burnie?

Many people look to their insurance company when an accident occurs. However, you must realize that your insurance provider is never looking out for your best interests. Instead, they feel obligated to do what’s best for business. If you want to know how lawyers can help with Trucking Accidents in Glen Burnie, continue reading.

Why are insurance companies not interested in informing you of my rights?

First, insurance companies work with servicers of their own company. Their function is to try to mediate and resolve accidents within the company. That is, they try to settle the case without hiring a lawyer outside the company. It is usually found that the insurance company does not inform a person of their rights and options. As a result, victims of accidents end up receiving offers by less than 50% of the compensation they really deserve.

In addition, there are agreements between companies called “nonaggression pacts”. Through these agreements, insurance companies determine responsibilities and automates compensation for damages. If servicers fail to resolve the issue, companies work with attorneys who primarily represent the interests of the company itself, rather than those of the affected. The fees received by these professionals are well below what they should. That is, the company always looks at being more cost effective. They make cases with their own lawyers and will try to solve the case quickly because their remuneration is not linked to the success of the case.

Thus, if you have chosen a lawyer who is experienced in handling Trucking Accidents in Glen Burnie independent of the insurance company, you may see situations where the company will try to impede on the case. This is so the company will not to pay such legal assistance. But, if the claim is won the company is obliged to cover the costs of the lawyer to the limit set in the insurance contract. As mentioned, the insurance company is not interested in having to deal with a cost of independent counsel. If attorney fees are covered by your premium, you will not have to pay any fees at all, whether you hire the insurance company’s lawyer or an independent attorney. Speak with the Jaklitsch Law Group today for more information. Visit website for more information.

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