Why Cross-Train: Sales and Marketing Training Go Hand-in-Hand

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Business

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Most company owners know that they need to train their employees, but many of them do not focus on cross-training. Sales and marketing training are both essential because your salespeople need to know how to do their job, and the marketers do, as well. However, the issue becomes clear after each group gets their education; they need to know what the other group does to work effectively together.

Why it’s Necessary

Your marketing department focuses on getting your products seen and understood, so it stands to reason that they would benefit from understanding the goals, methods, and even setbacks of the salespeople. Once they’ve done their job, they can’t see results if the salespeople aren’t selling.

The reverse is also true; salespeople need to know what the marketer’s goal is and how they achieve that. Then, they know what goes on in the marketing department and can thoroughly appreciate where they rank in the scheme of things.


There are seemingly endless strategies available, but you must focus on the one(s) that fit your needs and that of your employees. Marketers and salespeople can learn many things from each other, but they don’t necessarily need to know the inner workings unless you want them all to be able to handle marketing and sales as necessary.

When you take the skills or characteristics of each group and mix them together, you generate more revenue and ensure that customers are more satisfied.

The Benefits

Of course, everyone benefits when sales and marketing training is done together. You, as the employer, benefit significantly because you can determine who the leaders are in the pack, promote teamwork, and boost morale. When people know why they do what they do, it makes it easier for them to understand why they’re essential to the company.