Why Are Neuropathy Treatments in Joliet, IL Needed?

One of the main reasons people may need Neuropathy Treatments in Joliet IL, is pain in the feet and legs. This type of pain is commonly caused by distal symmetric neuropathy, which essentially means that nerve damage has occurred in the extremities. In many cases, people who experience signs of neuropathy are diabetic. Some signs to look for may include:

* Numbness in the legs, feet, and ankles
* A burning feeling in the lower legs
* A pinprick feeling in the feet
* Repeated sharp pains in the foot area
* Unusual pain in the feet that occurs even with the lightest touch
* An unusual amount of swelling in the feet
* Discoloration of the feet

The solution for the problems described above may take several different courses. Neuropathy Treatments in Joliet IL, are customized according to specific patient situation and individual patient needs. To begin treatment, the patient needs to get their blood glucose level under control consistently. This requires regular (typically daily) monitoring. To make sure that the blood glucose levels are in a healthy range, dietary changes and exercise changes are often needed. If blood glucose levels stay in an unhealthy range, the nerve damage is likely to become more pronounced.

One of the most popular Neuropathy Treatments in Joliet IL, is oral medication. Nerve pain requires a specific approach, and thus the pain medicines used to manage other types of pain may not be as effective. Often, medications like tricyclic antidepressants can have a positive effect on patients with nerve pain. Some patients also find relief with anticonvulsant medications or with medicines that are specifically designed to treat peripheral neuropathy. Some patients may require opiate pain relievers, as well. Visit here to know more.

There are topical treatments that may help patients with nerve pain in the feet. These creams are usually applied directly to the feet, usually several times each day or when pain is particularly severe. In some cases, a bed cradle device can be useful. A bed cradle is a device that elevates feet and legs to keep them away from the bed clothes. Since people with neuropathy can experience considerable pain from even the lightest of contact, this can provide considerable relief. If you need any help with this or other foot pain issues, call the Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL to make an appointment today.

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