Why A Solar Eclipse May Not Be Safe to Observe?

After experiencing a total solar eclipse, you may have a story to tell for the rest of your life. As the timing for each eclipse gets closer, the world’s media and social media invite you to watch and observe. The difficulty, is that many of the news media are providing poor information about the safest way to observe the astronomical event. How do you know if your solar filters are good enough to protect your eyes?

Eclipse Blindness

Should you attempt to follow a solar eclipse without the use of any solar filters whatsoever, as you stare at the sun without the correct protection for your eyes, you may receive retinal burns, known as eclipse blindness. A solar filter removes the damaging UV radiation from the sun’s rays.

Should you choose to look at the solar eclipse through your camera, smart phone or any recording device, it is doubtful that your gadgets will include solar filters for the safety of your eyes.

The same rules apply for partial eclipses. It is the staring directly at the sun that causes the difficulty. You may be surprised, when the sun appears to suddenly appear in view after being hidden by the moon, so the wearing of eclipse glasses is essential as you watch the entire event.

Reducing the glare of the sun may not be sufficient to remove the UV radiation, which may damage your eyes.

Myths and Legends

The Internet is full of myths and legends, detailing ways that you can safely look at the sun. Much of the advice will not help save your eyes from UV radiation damage, especially if they do not include UV radiation protection.

There will be a time, perhaps between one or two minutes when the sun is completely hidden by the moon, as you observe the total eclipse. You may be able to look at the eclipse without your glasses at this stage, but you must have your eclipse glasses back on before the first sunlight flash appears again.

By searching the Internet, you will find expert companies who manufacture safe glasses to help you enjoy your next solar eclipse, knowing that your eyes remain safe during enjoyment.

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