Why A Remanufactured Automatic Transmission Is A Good Alternative To A New Car

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Automotive

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In all vehicles wear and tear on the automatic transmission will lead to some type of failure or the need for transmission repairs at some point in time in your vehicle’s life. If the transmission isn’t working properly you cannot keep driving your car since once it fails you aren’t going anywhere. Instead of assuming that the cost of a remanufactured automatic transmission is more than you want to pay, stop and really consider your options.


Is The Vehicle Paid For?


If your vehicle is paid for then the cost of a remanufactured automatic transmission is the major expense you will incur for the repair. In fact, the cost of a remanufactured automatic transmission can be relatively low and may only equal a couple of months of a new car payment. For vehicles that are older and fully paid for driving without a car payment but with the remanufactured automatic transmission repair is really the best of both worlds.


How Much Will A Remanufactured Transmission Cost?


The cost of a remanufactured automatic transmission will vary based on the specific transmission; however, it is still much less costly than a new vehicle. In addition these transmissions will include all the latest upgrades, which will actually mean you are able to take advantage of the same technology in the transmission as you would in a new vehicle from that same manufacturer.


Warranty Considerations


Since the rebuilding of the remanufactured transmission is done in a factory setting and not by an individual garage or transmission specialty shop, there is often a very good warranty that comes along with the transmission. If you have an older vehicle with a significant amount of miles this warranty may cover you until you have to make the decision to start looking for a good quality new or used vehicle.


Choosing a remanufactured automatic transmission can also decrease the amount of time you are without your car or truck or in a loaner or rental vehicle. Basically the transmission shop or garage will simply pull your existing transmission and put in the remanufactured one, a process that is usually less than a day if the specific transmission is in stock or within same day delivery range.


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