Who Needs Asbestos Abatement in Portland, CT?

Asbestos is a fibrous material that is naturally occurring. It was originally used as insulate for hundreds of years. Its ability to insulate was incredibly valuable. For that reason, it was used in paints, ceilings, tiles, insulation, and much more. However, it became apparent that asbestos was a cancer-causing agent. It can lead to lung, throat, and other types of cancer. Also, it can lead to other pulmonary and gastrointestinal diseases in those who are exposed to it. Typically, asbestos is only dangerous when it is separated into fibers and ingested. However, it is very easy to separate asbestos into fibers; it is very delicate. If you have asbestos in your home or office, you need asbestos abatement. If you are not sure if you have asbestos in your building, you need an inspection.

Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos was used in home and office construction in different parts of the country until the 1970s. Some places used their old stock until the 1990s. Therefore, if your home or office was built before the 21st century, you need to know if it has asbestos or not. If it has not been inspected or if you’re not sure, you need to call a specialist in asbestos abatement in Portland, CT.

You should not look for asbestos yourself. As mentioned earlier, asbestos is most dangerous when it is separated into fibers. This generally happens when you disturb it. You should call a professional and request a free estimate.

The Process

If the expert finds asbestos in your house they will need to remove it. Asbestos abatement is a slow and careful process. The experts will separate each room of your home or office from the rest with plastic sheeting. They will then use HEPA vacuums to vacuum up all of the asbestos. The sheeting and the powerful vacuums will prevent the asbestos from spreading to other rooms of the home or office.

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