Where to Go When You Need Affordable Home AC Repair in Jacksonville

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Affordable home AC repair in Jacksonville is necessary for not only comfort but health. When your air conditioning unit doesn’t work properly, it can make your home uncomfortable and allow for mold and mildew to develop due to elevated moisture levels. Recognizing the signs that your air conditioning unit is not working properly is important so you can have it repaired before the damage becomes more extensive.

How to Know if Your Air Conditioning Unit is Faulty

The first sign that your air conditioning unit is not working properly may be that your home is uncomfortable. If your home normally stays at a comfortably cool temperature and the air feels fresh, you may quickly notice if the temperature creeps up or the air feels stale.

There are other signs that your air conditioning unit is not working properly. If you hear strange noises coming from the unit, you should schedule a maintenance visit. Another sign is a poor flow of air from the vents. Reduced airflow can be the sign of a simple problem such as an air filter that needs replacing to something more extensive such as a blown blower motor or problems with the fan control board.

Air conditioning units will pull excess moisture from the air as part of the cooling process. If you notice water accumulation in your home, such as condensation or mildew spots, your air conditioner may not be working properly.

When you need affordable home AC repairs in Jacksonville be sure the contractor you choose is a state-certified air conditioning contractor and that they service your make and model of air conditioning unit.

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