Where To Get Comprehensive Care For Children

Throughout childhood, there are several conditions that could contribute to high fevers. Among them are ear infections. These conditions could cause your child to experience a fever that exceeds 104 degrees. This is why you must get Get comprehensive care for children at the first sign of an infection.

Conditions that Could Lead to Ear Infections

In the home, conditions such as water leaks could lead to ear infections in small children. Despite how well you try to keep your children away from these hazards, all it takes is a small amount of bacteria. The bacteria gets on the child’s hands and is introduced into their ears.

Signs and Symptoms

The first sign of ear infections is a high fever. Children will begin to tug or scratch at their ears. They may become nauseated or start vomiting. These more severe symptoms are likely if their fever spikes too high. The child may also become dizzy and lose their balance.

How are Ear Infections Treated?

The doctor will recommend motrin for their fevers. They are prescribed antibiotics to fight off the infection. The doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics along with ear drops. Parents should keep the ears clean as excessive drainage is possible.

Emergency Situations and Ear Infections

Parents should take their child to the emergency room if the child’s fever reaches 103 degrees. While cool baths and motrin are recommended for most fevers, excessively high temperatures could lead to brain damage or death.

If the infection spreads to the other ear or the child experiences a hearing loss, this also warrants a trip to the ER. A hearing loss could indicate excessive fluid in the ear and require professional draining. Some children may require the installation of drainage tubes to help manage these conditions.

While ear infections are common in smaller children, they could be a clear indicator of more severe problems. Parents who have children who experience these infections frequently should visit an ear, nose, and the throat doctor. These doctors conduct testing to identify underlying issues. To Get comprehensive care for children, contact your preferred ENT today to schedule an appointment.

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