Where Can I Find A Medical Office Assistant School In New York City?

by | Jan 20, 2014 | Education

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For high school graduates thinking about a career in medicine there are many options; but, as with most worthwhile career options; the better choices require learning and training beyond that covered at high school – further education is required unless you want to settle for some low level, menial job somewhere within the medical sector. The ambitious high achievers at school will probably aim to be doctors; but that requires quite a lot of extra college, or university, time at high expense before you can qualify and start work. Even if they have the aptitude, not everyone can afford to attend full medical schools.


No Need To Give Up; Even If You Cannot Become A Doctor


Many will see nursing as the “next best thing” to being a doctor; however, nursing can involve unattractive or even unpleasant duties that require a sense of dedication on top of the further education courses necessary before you can be licensed for a career in nursing. Since qualified doctors’ and nurses’ time and talents are valuable; the medical sector has multiple job openings for people to assist the fully qualified staff as Medical Assistants.


Plenty Of Opportunities For Medical Assistants


Despite all the political fuss over the rising costs of health care; health care provision in all its forms is continuously thriving and expanding which means a continual search for new employees at all levels; anyone with health care qualifications can be confident of finding meaningful employment within the industry. If you are unable to complete medical school and don’t fancy nursing; then the good news is that you can obtain the knowledge and practical experience to be licensed in many of the assistant positions without undertaking an expensive and time consuming series of further education courses.


For example, were you to enrol in a Medical Office Assistant School you would be instructed in hospital and medical clinic administrative duties ranging from scheduling and record handling to computer encoding and patient billing.


Medical Office Management Associate Degree


For people attending a Medical Office Assistant School an associate degree is the highest qualification and the courses will include basic office administration and IT plus accounting and insurance issues relative to a medical practice. Students are also taught how to interact with both doctors and patients. Attendance times might vary from Medical Office Assistant School to school but about 17 months should be typical.


If you plan to attend a Medical Office Assistant School in the New York area; why not take a look at Bramson ORT College. You can download their catalog from.