When Trade Show Booth Rental Makes Sense

by | Feb 9, 2015 | Business

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Many businesses have employees and a budget to attend different trade shows on a local, national or even international level. For these small or large companies that attend multiple shows a year trade show booth rental may be a good option as you can choose different styles for different events.


In addition for companies that perhaps only attend one or two shows a year or that only exhibit at specific events where it is basically the same audience year after year choosing trade show booth rental over a purchase may well be the most cost effective option.


The Benefits of Rental


When you stop and think about it rental makes sense if you want to constantly change the look of your booth or if you only need a booth once or twice a year. With trade show booth rental you can select the same booth, or a different booth, with each trade fair, show, or exhibit.


This gives you the option to create just the look that you want for a particular show. If you have multiple products or services you are marketing this is an important factor to consider as you can customize the style and features of the booth to complement each line that you are exhibiting or selling at that particular show.


Saves on Cost and Storage


While you may be surprised at how reasonably priced the top trade show booths are to buy, trade show booth rental is even more cost effective. You only pay for the specific time that you need the booth which means that you can budget more effectively on a smaller overall advertising and marketing amount.


In addition, you don’t have to worry about storage space if you go the route of trade show booth rental. You simple pick up the booth, use it at the trade show, and return in by the time indicated on your rental agreement. If space in the workplace is at a premium or for those that are working out of a home office the rental option completely removes this issue and solves the storage problem.


With trade show booth rental you really can take full advantage of the latest in designs, features and accessories for the events that you do. It also removes the problem of storage and having to budget for a purchase, which are important factors for many small and start-up companies.