When to Use Digital Printing: A Guide For Chicago Consumers

If you are printing a significant number of copies of anything from brochures to books or postcards to menus for a restaurant, there are two different printing options to consider. The traditional option is known as offset printing, and the more modern option using today’s technology is known as digital printing.

In Chicago, you will find different printing companies using different techniques for printing. It is well worth comparing the two technologies and seeing which is the best choice. You will find specific benefits in using the digital option, but not everyone offering this printing option will be able to create the same quality end product.

The Difference

Offset printing is done for very large runs where the sheer volume of the printed material brings the per page price down to a reasonable rate. Offset printing requires the use of specially designed plates that imprint the image onto a rubber sheet and then onto the paper. This allows the entire page or image to be printed in one pass, creating an exact copy with every print.

Since the actual paper that is printed never makes any contact with the plates and the rubber blanket is soft and non-abrasive, the plates never wear, leaving crisp, clean images no matter how many millions of times the image or page is reproduced. However, this does mean additional cost in setting up the plates, which can make it very pricey for small amounts of printing.

Digital printing is easy and is all done through the software on the computer and the printer without any setup. This means the prices are lower for smaller runs, and the quality of the image is just as crisp and clear as the original document.

Top Quality

For top quality for smaller production numbers, digital printing produces a true rendition of the original time and time again. With new technology in advanced printers and software colors are vibrant, true and precise, and making minor adjustments to color or even the design is simple, easy and won’t add to the cost of the project the same way you will find with offset printing.

It will be important to choose a professional digital printing company in Chicago to handle all your printing needs. Home digital printers or low-quality commercial printers will not produce the beautiful images and the clear text that is a clear sign of working with a top quality printing service.

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