When to Contact the Divorce Lawyer

A divorce is an anxious and disturbing time for all. Parties are emotionally distraught and distressed. When you get married you never seriously consider the possibility that you may divorce in the future. If that eventuality arrives, it takes some time to accept the situation and seek a legal termination. Having an experienced divorce lawyer at your side to guide you is essential to protect your rights and interests.

When you go through a divorce, your lawyer has to treat the case with care and sensitivity. Consult someone you can trust to give you their time and proper dedication. A divorce lawyer might need to know very intimate details about your marriage and spouse. In cases of adultery, bigamy and other misconduct cases, you would need to show evidence and proof of the other party’s misconduct. Sharing such intimate details of your marriage with another individual is not easy. Attorneys would require knowing all the information relevant to a case and any reasons why your spouse should not be given custody or shared parental responsibilities of your children.

Divorce is not a happy situation and the state will try to make you reconsider going ahead with the proceedings. Courts in many states will dictate that you and your spouse attend family counseling to urge that you and your spouse resolve your disputes through mediators and other means. If a marriage can be saved, in the interest of all parties the two spouses should reconcile.

If your marriage cannot be salvaged under a number of statutory grounds you can seek divorce from your spouse. Some states allow the “no-fault” divorces when nobody is considered to blame for the marital breakdown. Grounds can be cited in a document called a complaint that you must lodge with the courts. The various grounds under which you can seek the divorce are: irreconcilable differences, abandonment for a period of a year and more, bigamy, adultery, extreme cruelty, gross neglect of duty, fraud, habitual drunkenness and/or imprisonment of the adverse party at the time of submission of the complaint. “Divorce” and “dissolution of marriage” are considered to mean the same in most states. However in states like Ohio, the two are quite different legal terms. If you are a resident of Ohio, you can find out more from your divorce lawyer. Division of marital property and other relevant matters are particular to the state where you reside. When you are contemplating divorce, consult an experienced divorce lawyer. Avon, OH residents can access high quality legal advice from local law firms.

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