When Is Fiberglass Bathtub Resurfacing in St Paul the Logical Choice?

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Remodeling

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Upgrading an old bathroom definitely adds function, value and beauty to a home, but a complete remodel is not always the smart choice. As a result, many clients now contact companies like Urban Bath Co. and arrange for fiberglass bathtub resurfacing in St Paul MN. Landlords, real estate investors and condo dwellers often use the services because they have unique needs. Resurfacing specialists offer them the speed, prices, and services that they need.

Resurfacing Lets Landlords Prepare Homes Quickly

Responsible landlords want to provide good-looking, clean homes to their tenants, but some bathrooms need extensive repairs after renters move out. Since landlords need to rein in their budgets while preparing homes, they often rely on Fiberglass Bathtub Resurfacing in St Paul MN. These professionals specialize in quick, high-quality solutions that work with their clients’ schedules. They can often have bathtubs ready to use in a few days. Resurfacing experts use products that are guaranteed to look like new for many years.

Investors Get Affordable Remodels

It is becoming common for investors to buy older homes, remodel them, and then sell for a profit. However, experienced home “flippers” do not spend the time or money tearing out old fixtures. They call experts to transform tubs for a fraction of the cost that replacements cost. Investors use the same companies to resurface sinks, vanity tops, and tiles. These experts will also remove old shower doors and replace them. They can refinish counters and produce the look of stone. Customers are offered a range of textures and colors that range from clean bright white to warm Tuscan Tan.

Refinishing Works Well for Condo and Apartment Owners

The owners of homes in multi-family buildings often want to minimize remodeling work. They look for solutions that produce the least noise and inconvenience for their neighbors. As a result, many have bathtubs refinished instead of replaced. Quality companies are careful to minimize the unpleasant smells associated with resurfacing and they finish quickly. Most use venting systems to exhaust fumes away from work areas.

It is becoming common for homeowners to resurface tubs instead of replacing them. The option is especially popular among landlords, condo owners, and real estate investors. They choose it because it is typically faster, less expensive and more convenient than complete remodels.