When Furnace Repair Works no more: Tips to Consider When Buying a New Furnace

Furnace Repair doesn’t seem to help anymore, you need to look for a new furnace; however, make sure you have done your personal research on the ones available in the market. Putting into consideration that not all are of the best quality, do not be attracted by those which seem to cost less. Price should not be the only thing driving you to choose a furnace. To avoid high-energy bills, constant furnace repair in Rockford, or the need to replace it soon before the required lifespan expires, you should follow the below guidelines when purchasing a furnace. Get to know more about the importance of changing your furnace filter by watching this video.

Variable speed

With variable speed furnaces, you will be in control of your energy bills and comfort. A furnace with a variable motor cannot be compared with standard furnace motors. Variable-speed furnaces use less energy to run. They also maintain only the amount of heat needed in the house therefore not limiting or exceeding what is required. This energy efficiency ensures that the house is always comfortable and conducive all the time.

High efficiency

If you want to know a furnace that is more efficient, look at the AFUE number. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. AFUE shows how well a furnace can convert fuel to energy. In this case, look for one that has a high AFUE number. The higher the AFUE, the more efficient the furnace is.

Two-stage heating

Some days are colder than others are; therefore, the amount of heat needed to warm your house sometimes varies. A two-stage heating furnace does not operate in its full capacity like the traditional furnace. When it is not frigid, the furnace will run on its first stage which is usually 68% of its capacity. In case the outside temperatures drop further, the furnace automatically switches to full capacity.

High quality

Low-quality furnaces are always attractive because of their low cost. You should however be warned since most of them demand a lot of furnace repair in Rockford A quality furnace should have a good housekeeping seal. With this seal, you are given two years of limited warranty after purchase. If it gets faulty before the two years, you will be given a new one, or your cash will be refunded in full.

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