When Do You Need a Towing Service in Woodstock

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Towing Service

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When do you need a towing service in Woodstock? Even though no driver ever likes to have to get in touch with a tow truck company, there are occasions when it’s necessary. Prepare yourself for the unexpected and familiarize yourself with the most common situations requiring a tow truck’s assistance.


Nothing happens when you turn the key or depress the ignition. You’ll probably require a tow if a jump doesn’t get the battery going. Breakdowns are most frequently caused by transmission or engine issues. Transmission failure may be brought on by aging or just normal wear and tear. Transmission issues might be the culprit behind a breakdown if the automobile has been producing weird noises, performing poorly, or jumping out of gear. Overheating, busted hoses, or ruined belts can also be responsible for breakdowns that require affordable towing.

Auto Accident

Your automobile could become entirely or partially undrivable following a collision with a tree, building, or another vehicle. Following an accident, it can be hard or impossible to drive due to apparent problems such as a smashed automobile body or an engine that won’t start. These aren’t the only potential issues that call for a towing service in Woodstock.

If you suffer wheel or tire damage, call for a post-collision tow. If you try driving with flat or punctured tires, deformed wheels, or misaligned wheels, it might result in a second collision. You’ll require a tow if the issue necessitates more than a basic tire change. Any fluid leak might be a significant safety risk. Do not drive your automobile if it leaks gas, oil, or brake fluid.